Can I cancel my Membership? How do I do so?

Yes - you can cancel or pause your Membership at anytime; there is absolutely no obligation when you sign up. We also offer the option to skip one or multiple months, or to change the amount/price of your subscription (8 or 16 cigars/mo).

When do boxes ship?

Your first box will be shipped immediately. Enjoy!

Recurring orders will be billed on the 9th of each following month. For example: if you sign up on January 15th, your next charge will be February 9th, then March 9th, and so on. Recurring boxes ship on the last week of each month.

To avoid you being billed twice in one month, if you place your first order between the 1-8th of the month, you will be billed the following month on the 9th. For example, if you sign up on January 4th, your next charge will be February 9th, then March 9th, and so on.

What is your Return Policy?

All orders are backed by our 100% Guarantee. As such we typically do not provide refunds, but please contact us if you feel you are owed a refund on your purchase. Any refunds on a pre-paid subscription (ie a gift) will be prorated based on the number of boxes already shipped.


Need Something Else?

Shoot us a question at or contact us on social media @cigrco. All support is handled electronically.